Drupal 8 - The Symfony and Drupal partnership

31 May 2014, , Leeds, United Kingdom

Symfony has changed the PHP world forever, not only with its reusable and decoupled components, but also by introducing development standards which were not widely used or even known in the PHP world before. Thanks to its component architecture, Symfony is being widely adopted by many Open Source projects, custom-built applications, other frameworks, and even legacy applications.

Symfony’s growing community has always pushed for better practices and turned many good developers into awesome aficionados. Due to Drupal’s migration to Symfony, both communities have already started to blend and collaborate to bring benefit to both camps.

During the talk Jakub will explain exactly what benefits this new collaboration can offer. Following this, he will introduce several components to help debunk Symfony myths and increase developer confidence in the framework ahead of Drupal 8 later this year.