Heard in the Community (2010.08.01)

Warning: This blog post was written a long time ago and might be no longer relevant.


Symfony2 development moves forward quickly. Last week the API documentation was generated and put online by Fabien Potencier. Also, the translation process is now described so translators can start contributing.

Kris Wallsmith wrote a short introduction to Symfony2 helpers: How to create a Symfony2 templating helper. Finally helpers are implemented as classes!

symfony application in 26 minutes

Want to see an application built in 26 minutes? Tom Boutell posted Symfony Almost Live screencast on punk'd avenue window showing just that. It's a good introduction for newbies in a symfony framework.

OOP in scripting languages

I accidentally came across a blog post titled Do Web-Scripting Languages Really Need OOP? I also found an answer to that question on Invisible to the eye blog: Missing the point (OOP in scripting languages). I totally agree with the later.

Features in PHP trunk: Array dereferencing

Array dereferencing is a new feature which just got into the PHP trunk. It allows you to do stuff like:

function getData() {
  return array(1, 2, 3);

echo getData()[1];

Hopefully it'll also work with native PHP functions.