Just agile

Warning: This blog post was written a long time ago and might be no longer relevant.

Mike Cohn wrote a new blog post on his "Reflections on the 10 Years Since the Agile Manifesto". Especially one thing he mentions struck me:

I’d like all the brands to go away. No Scrum. No XP. No Kanban or lean. No DSDM. No Crystal. Just agile. We saw this happen two decades ago in objects. We had various modeling approaches and methods from Rumbaugh, Booch, Meyer, Jacobson, and others. Those differences were eventually put aside and we now have merely objects and UML.

I had the same thoughts recently.

Frameworks are limited (well, they have "frames" right?). Agile Manifesto is universal.

Therefore whatever framework we use, we shall always remember about the values behind the Agile Manifesto.