Heard in the Community (2010.08.08)

Warning: This blog post was written a long time ago and might be no longer relevant.

Doctrine Annotations Library

Jonathan Wage wrote on his blog about Doctrine Annotations Library. It's used in Doctrine2 ORM for mapping information specified in doc-blocks.

I'm really excited about it, especially because it is an independent library. It makes it a perfect tool for meta-programming. I can't wait to put my hands on it!

Read more about it in Doctrine2 annotations docs.

PHP, Community and User Groups

Cal Evans published ideas for building User Groups. He gathered them from PHP User Group leaders. There's also a video from TEKX conference where the topic is discussed with four people who are experienced in building such groups.

TEKX Community Round Table from Cal Evans on Vimeo.

Apostrophe Updates

There's a new version of Apostrophe CMS (one of the best symfony based Content Management Systems out there). Release announcement is available on P'unk Avenue Window.

Should Developers have Access to Production?

Kyle Brandt provoked long discussion whether developers should have access to production environment. He did a very good job analyzing the issue and pointing out a few possible solutions.

phpBB powers symfony

Symfony2 will power phpBB4 but for now phpBB powers symfony forum. All the old URLs should work like before.

PHP Anthem

PHP finally has an anthem. It's not really my preferred music style but it's fun anyway.

Sing along! "Oh yeah, I'm so PHP this year. Got a mic in the left, and 'n the right, cold beer."